Discussion 3

Week 3: Meatless Meal PlanningSubscribeSelect one of the following diets and provide a 1 day menu, including 3 meals and 2-3 snacks.As a class, please also try to represent all four types of menu options listed below.veganlacto-vegetarianovo-vegetarianlacto-ovo-vegetarianThis needs your creativity, and you should **not** simply use a menu you find on the internet.Try to develop a menu that you might actually eat.  You do not need to write in sentences for this (you may list out the menu).  Make sure you include all relevant details, including serving sizes.RubicStudent has responded to all parts of the question correctly.  Uses appropriate supporting evidence whenever needed.Student demonstrates strong writing skills.  Writes in complete sentences.  Proper use of spelling and grammar.  Meets length requirements.  References provided in APA format. Uses parenthetical citations.

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