Geology Module 2 Discussion

Even though people are aware that earthquakes and volcanoes typically occur in consistent regions, many make their homes in these locations. Unfortunately, history shows that it is only a matter of time before the next occurrence.Perform some research on earthquake and volcano incidents that had a negative effect on people in a region. Select a disaster event where, despite the loss of life and property, the residents choose to rebuild rather than abandon the region.For your initial post:In your initial post, address the following:Describe the event you selected, including:the type and magnitude of the eventwhere it occurredwhen it occurredthe various ways in which people were affectedwhether that type of disaster affects the region repeatedlyState your opinion regarding the following questions:Why do you think people continue to make the known dangerous area their home?Should governments allow people to live in known risk areas?Should insurance companies allow claims for damages incurred in known risk areas?

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