Science Current Event Essay

Read through several recent scientific magazines (suggested publications:Science,National Geographic,Discover,New Scientist,Scientific American, orNature; paper or online versions of these sources are appropriate; another starting point for student researchThis should relate to Geology.  Topics for Essay 1 might include: renewable/nonrenewable resources, energy resources, minerals, rocks, plate tectonics, earthquakes, earthquake prediction/forecasting/mitigation, Earth’s interior, volcanoes, volcanic eruption prediction/forecasting/mitigation, intraplate volcanism, deformation, faulting, mountain building, Isostacy, weathering & erosion, soil, soil conservation, landslides, surface water, groundwater, aquifers, flooding, deserts/desertification, glaciers, ice ages, geologic time, age of the Earth, relative age dating, radiometric age dating, or extinction events.

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