Term Paper

Graded primarily on originality, must be submitted through “Turnitin.” Please study both sides of the Global Climate Change debate. Relate the two sides of the debate in your own words (no direct quotations, please), then critically evaluate the two sides (eg, who is making the claims, are the authors climate scientists or other “experts,” where do these authors get their funding, ie Heritage Foundation or NSF, etc.). Include a reference list.As a starting point, you can read http://www.dailywire.com/news/12572/proof-cnn-knows-climate-change-big-fat-hoax-john-nolteand: https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/; obviously, you might want to use some other resources as well. You do not have to use either of these sources; you can find more up-to-date references easily.Hint: If your conclusion is that both sides have valid points, then you have not done a competent critical analysis.THIS PAPER IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAILING AND PASSING SO THIS NEEDS TO BE A VERY GOOD PAPER

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