ALUMINIUM· What is it? (A rock, a mineral, etc.)· Where is it found geologically? (Near a volcano, from a petrified swamp, etc.)· Where is it found geographically? (North America, northern Africa, the deep ocean, etc.)· How do we get it? (Mining, fracking, drilling, etc.  Be specific about the techniques that are used!)· What do we use it for? (Generating electricity, making computer chips, jewelry, etc.)· Is it renewable or not? Explain why or why not.  If it is renewable, how long does it take to renew?   If it is not renewable, how much do we think we have left?  (Remember that a renewable resource is one that can be regenerated on a human time scale, not millions of years.)MLA FORMATWORK CITED PAGEDONT ANSWER THEM IN A BULLET FORM

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