1.09 Macbeth Plot Analysis Quiz

1.09 Macbeth Plot Analysis QuizWarning: There is a checkbox at the bottom of the exam form that you MUST check prior to submitting this exam. Failure to do so may cause your work to be lost.Question 5 (Essay Worth 25 points)Using these lines from Act II, explain the relationship between Macbeth’s words and the words of Duncan’s sons.MacbethHad I but died an hour before this chance,I had liv’d a blessed time; for, from this instantThere’s nothing serious in mortality:All is but toys: renown and grace is dead;The wine of life is drawn, and the mere leesIs left this vault to brag of.MalcolmWhat will you do? Let’s not consort with them:To show an unfelt sorrow is an officeWhich the false man does easy. I’ll to England.Donalbain.To Ireland, I; our separated fortuneShall keep us both the safer: where we are,There’s daggers in men’s smiles: the near in blood,The nearer bloody.   ( Write 4 sentences paragraph)Question 6 (Essay Worth 30 points)Choose an event from the play. Focus on the purpose it serves in the story. Consider how the story would change if that event was altered. Form your ideas into a paragraph of at least five sentences. Make sure to include supporting evidence from the play.Some events to consider:The weird sisters’ predictions for Macbeth and BanquoMacbeth’s murder of BanquoThe appearance of Banquo’s ghost at Macbeth’s coronation dinner   ( Write 4 sentences paragraph)