argumentative essay on education should be free for everyone

Requirements:· The first paragraph must have a thesis statement and introduce the reader to the topic.· Use transitions in between paragraphs.· The last paragraph needs to summarize your main points and give your audience a vision of a world where your ideas have been adopted.Remember unity, coherence and adequate development.  Make sure you are proving a topic sentence with each example, make sure the points are easy to understand and make sure you have written enough so your audience is not left with questions.Technical Details:The paper must be 3  pages in length (approximately 1000 words)Use 12-point font, Times New Roman,  double-spaced.MLA formatted with at least three sources.Persuasion OutlineIntro (Fact, question, bold statement, quote, short story, definition, background on the subject):Thesis Statement (Claim):Body:Paragraph 1-Supporting point #1 (ethos, logos or pathos?):Paragraph 2-Supporting point #2 (ethos, logos or pathos?):Paragraph 3-Supporting point #3 (ethos, logos or pathos?):Paragraph 4-An argument from the opposition:Your rebuttal for that argument:Conclusion (restate your thesis, illustrate with a short story, rename your main points, give a recommendation for next steps, challenge, use a quotation):