The Literary Theme in “The Signal” by Vsevolod Garshin( 4th time posting)

This is my 4th time posting this because instructors keep saying they are good and keep screwing this up.  Read story first, then my instructions and follow each one.  If you complete this correctly and TO STANDARD, then you will have the pleasure of completing the other 3 projects at $40 per project.  Don’t ask to increase this price.  I want to see the quality of work you provide first.  Take it or leave it.Edit paper as you see fit.  The better the quality, the better chances i select you for my next projectsTopic: The Signal by Vsevolod Garshin.Website: or    This paper aims at analyzing the main theme in “The Signal” which turns out to be social inequality which the author, Vsevold Garshin , depicts using detailed differences between employees on different levels in the rail company.1.  Read Story2.  in a separate paragraph summarize story3.  Revise thesis and incorporate in paper.  The thesis is too general and you will have to make it more specific.4.  For every paragraph use different colored fonts to note the areas of your paragraph:Red for the paragraph’s topic sentenceGreen for the paragraph’s use of evidenceBlue for the paragraph’s explanation/warrant of the evidenceInstructions for paper:Write a thesis statement that clearly identifies the title of a story, its author, the theme, and what the paper will discuss about the story and the themeWrite clear topic sentences for paragraphs that let the reader know what the paragraph will discussWrite paragraphs that explain how the examples from the story support the themeArrange a paper by presenting paragraphs in a logical and interesting fashionWrite sentences in standard American English that clearly express ideasDemonstrate the MLA style of formatting in the layout of a paperDemonstrate the MLA style of formatting by documenting material from the story within the paper and on a Works Cited pageExplain in a clear and logical fashion what you have learned about your writing