5 PARTS – Discussions Parenting

Part ONE:Using references to support your work is important that correct APA format uses in-text citations. 250 word count please.We learn parenting skills from many places. Perhaps our biggest influence on our attitude towards parenting is from our parents and how we were raised. We also are influenced by media, science, religion, and other sources.Our question is, what if a license was required to become a parent, as suggested by David Lykken in our week one readings. What do you think should be required to obtain that license? At first blush you may think this could never happen, and it may not.  But the point is to think of why a license could be needed; think of the benefits, what would be needed to overcome objections. How do values enter in to the discussion?Use one theory from this list and apply it to your argument of license or not.Erikson’s Lifespan Theory of DevelopmentBronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory of DevelopmentJean Piaget’s Constructivist TheorySocio-Culture Theory of Lev VygotskyPart TWO:250 wordsManaging stress in a family today is important. Explain some of the reasons families experience stress and what are positive ways to reduce that stress?Are there any areas where you think parenting today, in general, is lacking? While this could be a long list, make sure you include one of these three topics in your reply-  nutrition, sleep, media availability. Please explain why?Support your writing with facts and outside information.  Your post cannot be solely opinion.Part THREE:250 WORDS.Explain how parents best deal with problem behaviors with their children via spanking, time-out or logical consequences.  How does this help develop self-regulation within children?  Support your writing with facts and information.  Your post cannot be solely opinion.Part FOUR:250 WORDS.1. Teen parents, unmarried cohabitating and single parents face many hurdles in life that older or more traditional parents do not face. Explain effective ways they can address these issues?2. With the economy the way it is, many adult children are moving back home to live with their parents or some aging parents are moving in with their adult children because they require care. Discuss what are some of the challenges that arise (in either scenario) and suggestions for dealing with those challenges?Part FIVE:250 words.Please pick 2 of the topics below and discuss, based on the reading and your personal experience (if applicable), how those topics impact children.Military familiesFoster parentsAdoptive parentsChild maltreatmentChronic illnessStepfamilies/DivorcedGay/lesbian families