assignment 11

This document includes the prompt, expectations, and requirements for the research paper. This document is available as a .pdf and as a Word document. It includes an overview of each section of the essay, and information about what to include and how to organize your essay.Things to keep in mind:For this essay, submit an MLA-formatted Word document (do not copy and paste).  You will submit your assignment below.In 5 full pages of text.  This means your essay should hit (or come reasonably close) the last line on page 5.Your first paragraph should include (a) the name of the poem and poet, (b) a one or two sentence summary of the poem and (c) your thesis statement or main point about the poem.Your essay should be written in academic style (no first or second person, academic language, use of MLA formatting) AND include examples or quotes from the story.Chapters 33 and 34 in your textbook have additional information on developing a thesis statement, using quotations, and citing sources.Warnings:The majority of your research paper should be analysis of the poem.  The biographical portion is only a minor part of the whole project.