PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS!!!NO PLAGIARISM-The chosen company for this project is CISCO!I HAVE ATTACHED WHAT I HAVE COMPLETED SO FAR AND THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE OVERALL PROJECT!PLEASE USE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND PROPER RESEARCH!Your submission should be a single document which includes an outline summarizing the main topics and sub-topics of the final project.  Your summary should contain the following topics and sub-topics below as these will be required when organizing your final project.Title PageTable of ContentsI.  Executive Summary-  succinctly describes your recommended change(s), highlights of what will be required during the change process, and a projected timeline for implementationII.  Background-   why you have chosen the organization, the organization’s significance in your life, a brief history on the organization to include key factors that are relevant in future sections of the paperIII.  Diagnosisa.  Current Situation-  why is the change neededb.  Supporting Data/Analysis- how do you know the change is needed, provide supporting data, objective data is best but may be augmented with subjective data if obtained from credible sourcesIV.  Recommendation Intervention-  detail your proposed organizational development intervention, the change process that will be required, and a proposed timeline for implementationV.  Applicable Organizational Behavior Concepts-  deep discussion of concepts from the text that apply to the proposed intervention, we’re looking for the “crossroads” of theory and application, use the text and other sources to explain why your proposed intervention will work, what are the strategic implications of implementing itVI.  ReferencesSummarize in 1 paragraph the key points you will cover in each of the above topic and sub topic sections.  (Note:  The description for each of the topics and sub-topics is found under the Week 1 Weekly Content module, under “Review This Week’s Lecture” section, titled “Final Project Preview” link.)Your Outline Summary should have the following components:·  Make sure your paper reflects scholarly writing.  Use APA formatted outline summary with the inclusion of a title page and a References page.·  Double space your lines, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and add the above bolded lines as “section headers”·  Include a minimum of 5 resources (the resources found to complete Week 3’s Annotated Bibliography should be used along with other outside resources)·  Place in-text citations to show where you plan to use resources to support your summary sections.