Concept Essay

Explaining a ConceptOVERVIEWMinimum Word Count: 1000Maximum Word Count: 1300Use a minimum of 3 (THREE) sources. At least 1 (one) source must come from the library database. Make sure all sources are credible.FORMATMLA FormatMargins: 1”Font: 12-point Courier New or New Times RomanDouble-spacedPaginatedName, date, class section in upper left-hand corner of 1st page.No cover sheets, please!Description:Write an academic concept paper for an audience of your peers. You will take one of the abstract/semi-abstract concepts provided for you and articulate for your classmates exactly WHAT it is. Use concrete details to support your description. Your paper should:*Delineate 3 to 5 primary characteristics of your topic*Use details from source material to support points*Have a strong, clear thesis*Use a minimum of 3 sources*Provide clear definitions*Anticipate the reader’s questions*Use logical transitions to guide the reader from thesis to conclusion