Critical Response Journal

The basic requirements for each entry are:Each entry needs to have a title.All paragraphs need to have clear topic sentences.The entries should be double spaced.The total for each journal entry should be approximately 200 words.In-text documentation is needed for any direct quote used.A works cited entry should be placed at the end of the response. Use the format for an online source for the entry on the works cited.Please send the journal entries as one file (entries 6 to 10).  If you send separate files for each entry, only the first file will be graded.Entry 6: Select ONE of the following websites:Bloomberg (Links to an external site.)Washington Post (Links to an external site.)CNN Opinion (Links to an external site.)Read ONE editorial from the selected website.  Write a brief summary of the editorial – what is the main point of the editorial?  Next, carefully examine the editorial and discuss whether the author is biased.  Include at least one short direct quote from the editorial as evidence.Entry 7:  Read: “The Draft Would Compel Us to Share the Sacrifice” by Charles Rangel (Links to an external site.)or  (Links to an external site.)AND”We Need Soldiers, Not a Horde of Draftees”  by James Lacey  (Links to an external site.)Which author presents a stronger argument- Charles Rangel in his article “The Draft Would Compel Us to Share the Sacrifice” or James Lacey in his article “We Need Soldiers, Not a Horde of Draftees”? Discuss the author’s use of evidence in your response.Entry 8:  Watch the video  “Baltimore” by PrincePrince – Baltimore (feat. Eryn Allen Kane) (Links to an external site.)Discuss the impact of the visuals in the video.  Do the visuals enhance the theme of the song?  Explain.  Include supportive evidence from the song to support your response.Entry 9:  Read: “How to Remember the Alamo: Battle Ground or Burial Site?” (Links to an external site.)Discuss the author’s purpose and use of evidence.  After reading the article what is your view on the issue? What evidence in the article influenced your decision?Entry 10:  Select ONE of the following websites:The Chicago Tribune (Links to an external site.)New York Daily News (Links to an external site.)Tampa Bay Times (Links to an external site.)Houston Chronicle (Links to an external site.)Select ONE editorial from the website.  Write a brief summary of the editorial.  Reflect on the author’s word choice and language. Does the author use words for their connotations and/or denotations?  How does the author’s word choice influence the argument that is presented in the editorial? Discuss the author’s vocabulary.