DB compensatory decision making bias

1. Explain the difference between a compensatory decision rule and a noncompensatory decision rule.  For each one, describe when consumers are most likely to use them. (chapter 8)2. Discuss decision making based on variety-seeking needs. (chapter 9)3. List and describe three biases in the judgement process. (chapter 8)4. Discuss Equity theory in the context of post decision processes. (chapter 10)5. Discuss the Zone of Acceptance. (chapter 9)6. Define Heuristics. Compare and contrast the representativeness heuristic and the availability heuristic. (chapter 9)  7. Discuss the three different types of symbolic rituals. (chapter 16)8. List and describe three forms of product disposition.  (chapter 10)9. Discuss the Characteristics of Special Possessions. (chapter 16)10.  Discussion Brand Loyalty in the context of low effort decision making. (chapter 9)