Faith Based Social Work Discussion

For this discussion you are to do an internet search and find a minimum of 2 Faith Based Agencies that provide counseling services.  In your discussion I want you to describe the 2 agencies and the services they offer. Provide at least one good paragraph and be sure to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors.Respond to 2 other student’s posts.  Your responses should be at least a paragraph and not just “I agree”.  Points will be deducted for limited work.—————–1- the first student responseBaton Rouge Christian Counselling offers individual, family, couples and group counselling. They provide services for all ages and also is partnered with Baton Rouge Community College to council students that needs it. They rely on biblical trust and diverse professional skills to make an outstanding impact on their clients.Cross Roads Professional Counseling also provides a variety of counselling such as marriage, individual, and family. They also provide life coaching in marriage, individual, career goals. They focus on topics regarding positive and negative crossroads. Their goal is to provide a Christian perspective to the realities of life.2- the second student responseCapital area human services offers numerous services as in individual, psychological, abuse and post-incarceration services. CAHS offers a 24/7. Crisis hotline and also walk in services. CAHS offer services in 8 different parishes of Louisiana. They provide a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or substance abuse counselor based on a individual, group or family treatment plan.Living faith Christian center offers men and women fellowships, nursing home ministry’s, prison ministry, alcohol and drug ministries and single and married ministers. The ministers include the help of deacon, ushers, ministers, greeters, TV crew, youth and nursery members.