Journal Writing

Name of different places are indicated with alphabets.Last week was incredibly cold in many places including A. I waited for updates on loss of power from my niece who lives in rural B, heard from friends relocating due to the storm in C, and was amazed to see the snow stick around in A. My sister lives in D and sent pictures of children sledding down a hill in a city park. I was grateful to have a lot of firewood on hand to keep warm by the wood stove and I started thinking a lot about warmth. I’m from coastal E where the weather is pretty consistently warm with a light ocean breeze. In June we get a month or so of heavy marine fog that we call “June Gloom.” Once the fog finally burns off summer fully arrives. Then every day is at least 80 degrees, and the beaches are packed until October. I feel lucky to be from a warm place and have many fond memories of days at the beach or hikes to the river.Many of places somewhere else in world are very familiar with extreme heat and humidity. So, we all have many memories of being warm. For this journal, write about a time you were filled with warmth that was not necessarily due to the weather. Write about a time you felt warm emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. and describe those events and feelings. Use as many sensory details (sound, smell, taste, feel, sight, color) and concrete examples as you can.Try to get to at least 500 words.