Literary Research Paper Final Draft

PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION OF THIS ASSIGNMENT.For this assignment, you will choose one of your existing papers (i.e your literary analysis or your literary argument) to expand into your research paper. You will use either your literary analysis or your literary argument in its entirety and you will add quotes, from sources you will gather through research, into each of your body paragraphs.I HAVE CHOSEN LITERARY ARGUMENT WHICH I WILL UPLOAD DONEThe purpose of this assignment is to give you experience with researching a specific topic and to further hone the skills you’ve learned about responding to the writing of others and using examples from a text to support your claims. This assignment will help you build on the analysis or the argument that you’ve already written by searching for what others have written in an effort to provide additional support for your own ideas. This assignment allows you to actually become a part of the conversation about your chosen work by incorporating your thoughts and ideas alongside the thoughts and ideas of others who are experts and/or authorities in their chosen fields.SkillsThis assignment will help you do the following:Expand on the original analysis or argument you presented in your previous assignmentLearn research skills that will help you to narrow your searchAnalyze resources to help you decide which sources will best help you support your claimThoroughly and clearly support the analysis or argument you’ve presented in your thesis through the use of secondary materialsIncorporate the thoughts and ideas of others alongside your own thoughts and ideas in an effort to support your analysis or argumentCorrectly cite multiple sources both in your paper and on your works cited pageTasksTo begin this assignment, you must choose one of the options provided below. (NOTE: For options 1 and 2, all original assignment instructions still apply.)Option 1: You may use your existing literary analysis to expand into your research paper.Option 2: You may use your existing literary argument to expand into your research paper. (I CHOOSE OPTION 2)Option 3: You may write another analysis or argument paper on an assigned work in The Norton Introduction to Literature for your research paper; however, your paper must be written on one of the prompts from the original assignment instructions. (NOTE: If do not write on one of the assigned readings and original prompts, you will receive a zero for the assignment. )Each student must submit a rough draft of your literary research paper. This rough draft must consist of your introduction and the first two body paragraphs. Additionally, each body paragraph must contain a quote from the story, poem or play as well as a quote from a secondary source. (Please refer to the Course Assignment Schedule for the specific due date for your rough draft.) You will receive feedback from me for this draft.Criteria for SuccessWhen your assignment is completed, your paper will:clearly identify, via your introduction and thesis statement, the focus of your analysis or argumentreveal to your reader, via your topic sentences, where your observations occur in your chosen workprovide direct quotes in each body paragraph from the story, poem or play that illustrate to your reader supporting evidence for your analysis or argumentprovide a secondary quote in each body paragraph, from a source you found through your research, that further illustrates to your reader supporting evidence for your analysis or argumentcorrectly cite your sources in your paper through the use of parenthetical citations following MLA formattingcorrectly cite your source on your works cites page following MLA formattingmeet the minimum page and source requirement for the assignmentSuccessful completion of this assignment will prepare you to present a clear and concise analysis or argument on any subject; in addition, you’ll gain knowledge of how to do research on any subject area that can be of use to you well beyond the classroom. This assignment will prepare you to locate facts and others’ opinions that ma be of use when writing reports, proposals, and presentations as a means of providing evidentiary support that is oftentimes required in the professional world.Due Date: December 9, 2020Page Length: 7-9 FULL pages (This DOES NOT include your Works Cited page)Paper Format: MLA (Reference The Little Seagull Handbook or the Purdue OWL for the correct way to format your paper)Sources: In addition to your primary text, you must also have a MINIMUM of five (5) secondary sources in any combination from the source types listed below:BooksScholarly journals (from the library databases)Artemis Literary SourcesLiterary Reference CenterBloomsLiteratureJSTORAcademic Search CompleteSocial Science JournalsPsycArticlesHistory Reference CenterGoogle ScholarRestrictionsSources that you use beyond the number required may be of your choosing; however, the following source types MAY NOT be used: Wikipedia, blogs, personal interviews, student papers, book reviews, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or websites such as, SparkNotes, enotes, CliffsNotes, schmoop, BookRags, wikisummaries, jiffynotes, or similar sources/websites are not allowed in this assignment.Charts, graphs, and pictures may not be included in this assignment.You are only allowed to have two blocked quotes* for this assignment*If you are unfamiliar with blocked quotes, please refer to either The Little Seagull Handbook or thePurdue OWLfor an explanation.If you have any questions about this assignment, post them here.SO EXPANDING ON WHAT I ALREADY HAVE IS WHAT THIS ESSAY NEED WITH RELIABLE RESOURCES AND ONLY USING THE ONES INCLUDED IN THE ASSIGNMENT DISCRIPTION