Mock trial team project

Each team will select one character from an Edgar Allan Poe story that we have discussed  “The Tell-Tale Heart” and they will put that character (Narrator) on trial. Using any of the supplementary readings already provided, the team should decide first what crime that character is charged with, and by the end they should decide whether the character should be found guilty or not guilty.The final project should include:Opening Statementsstating the charge(s) and laying out the basic details of the caseSupporting argumentsin favor of the chargeRebuttalin defense of the characterClosing statementsfrom both the prosecution and the defense, in that orderFinal decisionon whether you, as a team, find the defendant guilty or not guilty, and whyYou can use any of the supplementary readings (the Harold Bloom ebook and academic article) that have already been used in class, though you may also include other credible sources. All sources should be cited. Don’t decide on the verdict during the brainstorming or even through most of the drafting stage. Writing the arguments first, then discuss as a team and decide. This is a teamwork assignment, and will be completed through collaborative effort. It is up to each team to coordinate communication, decide on responsibilities, and set deadlines.Due April 17 by midnight. Final project should be approximately 1200 words.