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Part I-Choose three terms to explore (choose either processes or products or a combination). You might want to choose terms from your area of study. Research the three terms you intend to define. Practice writing definitions by writing a simple and clear one-sentence definition for each (in your own words). See the textbook section on sentence definitions.Part II-Choose one of those terms (either a product or process) to describe in detail to an audience of your choice.Create a 1-2 page Technical Descriptionbeginning with a cover page (see this YouTube Video on creating a cover page). At the bottom of the cover page, write a one sentence purpose statement that names your audience. Ex. The purpose of this document is to desribe a magnetometer to earth science students.Your brief introduction should begin with the definition of the product or process.The body should be presented in an organized manner using visual elements such as headings, subheadings, bullet points or numbered lists, graphics that inform, etc. Think visually.It should conclude with a brief concluding statement (see the rubric for more details and use the rubric as a checklist).Proofread aloud for clarity, conciseness, and correctness.Eliminate wordiness to increase understanding and readability.Either upload two documents to the correct dropbox: 1 definitions document and 1 description document. Or inlcude the definitions after the reference page of your description document.