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Select one of these articles for your assignment. I attached all the articles below for you to choose your one article. After you are done let me know which article you chose that way I can provide the other two articles for you to use as references to support your summary/thesis/claim statement.Article Choices:Chapman, B., Erdozaim, M. S., & Powell, D. (2017). Going public: early disclosure of food risks for the benefit of public health. Journal of Environmental Health, 79(7), 8+.Etchegary, H., Bishop, L., Street, C., Aubrey-Bassler, K., Humphries, D., Vat, L. E., & Barrett, B. (2017). Engaging patients in health research: identifying research priorities through community town halls. BMC Health Services Research, 17(1).Michaelis, T. L., & Markham, S. K. (2017, March-April). Innovation training: making innovation a core competency: a study of large companies shows that, although managers see human capital as central to innovation success, most aren’t providing innovation training. Research-Technology Management, 60(2), 36+.Miller, K. L. (2017, March). What we talk about when we talk about “reasonable cybersecurity”: a proactive and adaptive approach. The Computer & Internet Lawyer, 34(3), 1+.Read the article using your chosen model of note taking. ( I choose the bullet form note taking).Using the identified article, provide the following information:· A title page in APA format· A 1-2 page summary-includes the APA reference for the article chosen.· An abstract for the article· A Thesis/Claim statement· Identify 2 additional current articles (1 must be from the School Library Database) that could be used to support the Thesis/Claim statement included in the summary.· Remember: Sources cannot be more than 5 years old (no older than 2013).· Provide the APA reference for each articleSet up the assignment as follows:I. Title PageII. 1-2 page SummaryIII. AbstractIV. Thesis Claim StatementV. Article referenceReview the grading rubric.RUBIC: The assessment provides written responses for all of the identified elements of the assessment in the assigned format. The summary clearly reflects the article chosen and is in the author’s own words. The thesis stamen/claim statement s formatted correctly and is aligned to the article and summary. The additional articles referenced are aligned to the thesis/claim statement. The analysis of the topic includes breadth and depth, is aligned to the unit topic, relates to the course content and analysis of the original article is evident throughout the assessment. The assessment is well written and well-organized demonstrating excellence in scholarly writing. Mechanics (spelling and punctuation) and grammar are excellent. The assessment is set-up following the assessment instructions. The essay demonstrates has a title page, in-text citations of sources, and references, in APA Format.