Play Review

1. Outside sources are not allowed—this is YOUR opinion of the performance YOU saw,not copying a review from a performance someone else reviewed (that’s plagiarism, andthat gives you a zero for the assignment).  Please review the plagiarism policy in thesyllabus—ANY quotation in any assignment (including posts) must be cited using MLAformat (it’s very  easy).  Just DON’T do it—I will catch you, I promise…2.Your review should be in essay form and include the information below.  Dedicate one ormore paragraphs to each number in the outline provided, but be sure you use essay form.Points will be deducted for submitting a review in outline form (for example, thispage is an outline).3.Pease be specific with all responses!  General explanations are not acceptable.4.Be sure to include a cover sheet with your name, instructor’s name, performanceattended, and the due date.5. The format below is comprehensive, but you will receive more points for originalitythan if you simply follow the format without regard for creativity.  Cover all the points butdo it in your own style!