Write a poemPlease write a poem about yourself.  This is an art project and if you wish you may invent yourself – pretend to be someone else.First, read the two examples of poems that are autobiographical – that is the poet is writing about themselves.  This will help you see how other people have described who they are or what has happened in their lives.This past year has been strange in that a lot has changed and things are happening but we have also been confined and limited in what we can make happen.The imagination we have is the space of our dreams and with restrictions we need our imagination to help us fly beyond confinement.I suggest you write in a way that either describes you as you are and/or you as you want to be.Write as if writing a song or talking to an important person in your life and that person is you!.   A personal letter but with the energy or quiet thoughts of a poem.You can write what you want but please make it more than a few notes.