Poetry Section Paper

You will choose a contemporary living poet to read and analyze one of their poems. Explain the distinctive characteristics of their poetry. Define the literary devices and techniques the author uses. Interpret the genre, speaker, imagery, figures of speech, symbolism, irony, tone, sound, detail, diction, and style.Criteria:§          2.5-4 pages MLA format§          Must attach copy of the poem used (Does not count towards page count)§          Work’s Cited page and in text citations required§          Minimum 2 legitimate sourcesThings to consider when writing your essay:§          Summary: Do a brief summary of the poems you are analyzing.§          Theme: State the major theme presented in the poem along with what the author is saying about that theme.§          Mood: In as few words as possible, state the overall mood of the poem.§          Discuss your poet’s work as a whole, his/her style and thematic concerns, and any relevant biographical details.  Background of poet should all relate to your interpretation of their work. Remember to stay focused on your paper’s thesis.§          You must include important poetry terms that may apply to your poems. What effect do the literary devices have on the meaning of the poem as a whole?o                            Character          Imagery            Diction             Metaphor         Toneo                            Setting              Form                Symbolism       Allusion           Mytho                            Narrative           Lyric                 Irony                Alliteration       Personification