Private hospitals vesus public hospitals

You will need to write 2,000 words about a topic of your choosing as long as it has to do with the medical field, and you will need to make and support an argument. Remember this is an argumentative research paper, not an informative research paper. You will need to convince or persuade your reader to see your side of a topic or issue. This will be a large paper that will consist of a few sections. Please follow the requirements below.Requirements:·-APA formatting- cover pageabstract required (not included in the word count)-Times New Roman, 12 pt. font- double-spaced- reference page with correct citations- APA headings with at least these sections included:- introduction- literature review- counterargument (optional)- main body with supporting details for your argument- conclusion- reference page· at least ten sources· at least 2,000 words· no plagiarismYong, Tiam K.(2000). Public versus private (New Sunday Times , 2 *Edition ).New Times.29., A., Almutawa H,. Alzain Z., Althumairi ., Nauman Khalid (2002). Comparing public and private hospitals service quality Journal of Public Health. .D ., Anglemyer A., Tiwari M. (2011). Private Versus Public strategies for health service provision for improving health  outcomes in resources limited settings : Global health science s , University of California, san francisco.18(0) 978-1-907345. Https:// , S .J.(2005).Private care and public waiting. Australian Health Review. 29(1)89-93, A. H; Xiao , J., Codde, J., Ng ASK.,(2002) Public Versus private hospital maternity length of  Stay. A gramma mixture modelling approach. Sage Publication Ltd.15(1)46-54 M.(2000). Public Versus private hospitals :official diagnosis;:(late  Edition). Sydney Morning Herbal ;Sydney , N.S.W J.,(2016). Doctors split private and public work :Hospitals -Juggling Act .2 Australian ,Melbourne ,Vic.,Pia., Spens.,Karen., Soneye., Alabi.,Atai.,Imoh.,(2011).Comparing the perceived quality of private and public Health in Nigeria .Journal Of Management policy and practice; west palm beach 12(7)18-26., M.,(2003).More women travel for cancer care:[ city Edition]The Irish Time DAC J.,(2004). Private versus public will be the battlefield:[Final Edition]Peterborough.ont.A4.