Questions for study and Discussion

1. In paragraph 2, Consalvo says that cheating in everyday life isn’t a good thing. Why then could it be considered acceptable in a gaming environment?2. What was your reaction to the comment that “everybody cheats” (3)?3. What is the principle of division that Consalvo presents in paragraph 5? What are the divisions?4. Can you think of a reason people cheat at video games besides what Consalvo presents?5. What is the analogy that Consalvo uses in paragraph 7 and again in paragraph 11?479(Glossary: Analogy) Is the analogy helpful in explaining particular aspects of video game cheating? Why or why not?6. How does Consalvo use division in describing the benefits of cheating?7. In paragraph 15, Consalvo states, “But what about the jerks?” Did you find her explanation of the benefits from jerks cheating to be convincing? Why or why not?