Reading Journal Assignment for “Epistemological Closure”

Objectives:This assignment pertains to two course objectives. Upon the successful completion of the reading journal, you will:practice critical reading of intellectually complex texts with social and personal relevanceparticipate in careful rereading to develop independent intellectual inquiryHere’s the article and link :David Berman and Epistemological Closure in the Propaganda State reading Journal needs to have 4 sections to be complete:Vocabulary—look up epistemology, propaganda, and Orwellian, and for each word provide a brief definition and an explanation of how the word pertains to Jeremy Schmalls’ argument (give the context and tone, if you can).Summary—in no more than 5 sentences, summarize the article’s argument and any assumptions/implied premises or conclusions. Your summary should begin something like this: In his article on David Berman’s next project (“Epistemological Closure in the Propaganda State”), Jeremy Schmalls argues…Rhetoric—Examine the article’s examples and structure. Which parts can reasonably be labeled Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Explain your assertions.Response—compose a 100-word personal response to the article. You can’t go wrong here—anything about how it made you feel or what it made you think is valid. Treat this as a free-write.