response essay

The essay is 600 words.1- you must do an introduction of author and come up with a title of the essay2-do a summary 1-2 sentencenumber 1 and 2 in the introduction3- one paraphrase4- at least three quotes/one with an ellipsis (3 or 4 dot)3 and 4 should be worked throughtout the essayYou must do:don’t forget page numbers (in parentheses)use only last name after introducing the authorwatch out for disconnected quotesuse present tensevary your verb usageuse brackets if needed for change in verb tense, added information, ellipsis at beginning of quotesquotes need to make sense/be grammaticllay correct when incorporated into your writinguse transitionsdemonstrate that you know how to use correctly the following punctuation: colon, dashes, semi-colon, and parentheses