SLS1505 – College Survival Skills Assignment 10

You’ve explored some of the fears students may have when entering college. Whether you’re starting college right after high school or going back to school later in life, you may have a variety of concerns about your new venture.In a 1-2 page paper, complete the following:Discuss what you know about your personal circumstances that might present some challenges in how you engage in the classroom.For example, you might be an older returning student who has a full-time job and a busy schedule. This might present a problem with coming to every class session or submitting assignments on time.Another example is that you might struggle with writing and realize that you will have to write several long papers in your first courses.Describe at least two specific steps you can take to address these challenges, focusing on your classroom interactions. For example, you might meet with your professor to discuss the late assignment or attendance policy. Or you might seek out the school’s writing resources.Be as specific as possible in your paper, citing information from your course readings to support your perspectives.Draw from all of the course resources, and be creative. For example, your steps might involve reaching out socially and locating campus support centers at your school.Submit your document.