African American Literature (film project )

Respond as follows:From “Things to Consider Before Watching I Am Not Your Negro”: Choose 2 questions.From “Things to Consider After Watching I Am Not Your Negro”: Choose 1 question from “Media Literacy/Film Studies”; 1 question from  “The Civil Rights Movement and Race Relations in America”; and 1 question from  “Literature, Art and Culture.”From “Questions for Further Discussion”: Choose 1 question.From “Extension Activities”: Choose one of the organization activity options and go to the link provided for that organization. After exploring the website, reflect on what you learned or discovered. What is the organization’s mission statement? What is their history/background? What role does the organization play in working toward freedom and justice for people of Afrikan descent?Formatting: MLA, 12pt font, 2 pages, Word doc only. Responses should be organized into the sections outlined above,with each section clearly labeled and all questions from each section typed so that it’s clear which questions you’re responding to.