Analysis Assgt #1

Analysis Assgt #11.Using color highlighters,Mark in one color, all the sections where Harden narrates, describes, and explains his viewpoints toward the Grand Coulee Dam. These viewpoints might be the pictures he paints of the dam, his emotions about it, his stories about working there, his claims about the value of the dam for the people, and what he also doesn’t like about the dam.You should be able to find 5 or more sections with this focus.Mark in a different color, all the sections which suggest Harden’s father’s viewpoints toward the dam. These viewpoints might come from the stories the father tells his son about his past working there, what the father thinks the dam did for the community, how the dam helped him, his emotions about it.You should be able to find 4-5 statements or sections with this focus.2.Write an approximately 100 word summary (or possibly 5 sentences) of Harden’s essay that explains what meanings the Grand Coulee Dam holds for him compared to his father. In 1-2 sentences, first explain Harden’s main point (his thesis argument) about the difference of these meanings for son and father. Then, select what you see as the most important examples from your two lists as evidence to support your main point (thesis) about Harden’s essay.Use the academic model for a summary. Give the author’s name and the title of the essay, Use 3rd-person(author’s last name), present verb tense, and avoid judgments and avoid using “I”.