Your assignment is to write a minimum five paragraph argumentation essay on the topic of your choice.  You must choose an issue researchable from the database we reviewed. (Issues and Controversies)After you choose your topic, you should formulate your position on the topic.  In other words, you need to take a side.  Once you do, go into the database and research.  Find  ONE article that will be the source for your paper. It must be an article with a pro/ con side in it.¢ Do not use any article published before 2015.¢ In your essay, you must include in-text citations from researching your article; thus, your Works Cited page will have one article listed as a source. Remember, since you have a source listed in your Works Cited page, you must have matching in-text citations in your essay.¢ You will have research from your article included in each of your three support paragraphs, either paraphrased or quoted, each with an in-text citation matching your Works Cited page.¢ Can you use more than one source? Yes, but this is not necessary . Can you write your paper without doing research? No.  May you use outside information not in the QCC database? No.¢ We are using MLA format.Please use Arial 14 pt., double space. Your paper must be submitted in .doc or .docx format ONLY.  If I cannot read your file, that is your responsibility, and you may earn a zero.