Capstone Essay

1. Post the complete first draft of your capstone essay. Please refer to the notes from attachment #1, and the “Capstone Instructions & Guidelines”(attached). It may be helpful to find Interdisciplinary Art major on the IAS site, go to see all attached files first, and read both the description of your major as well as the major’s Learning Objectives. ( ) Is there anything here you might want to incorporate into your capstone essay?Remember that you can use everything from attachment #1, but you are expected to take this opportunity to edit, redraft, and refine.  As you write this essay, you will want to keep in mind two important questions:  What audiences are you speaking to? (your audience is a graduate school admissions committee) Also, how can you best convey your unique abilities and accomplishments to that audience?  Try to avoid discussions that sound generic and standardized. This is your moment to distinguish yourself to your readers!This essay should be approximately 1250-1750 words.Due Nov.19 at 11pm.