case study

Complete Leadership Case Problem B – “Blunt Brittany” found on p. 52 of DuBrin, 2019 and on p. 67 of DuBrin, 2016.   Utilizing the video titled, “Nurturing Leadership” and DuBrin’s traits and characteristics of an effective leader, analyze the following questions:1.  In which leadership trait or characteristic does Brittany seem to need to most development? Be specific in “why” she needs the most development–give examples.2.  Discuss Brittany’s warmth and enthusiasm as a leader. How would you rate her in this category and why–again be specific in your analysis.3.  Discuss the action by Derek that is needed to improve Brittany’s leadership effectiveness–give at least 3 examples for Derek to implement with Brittany.For each of these case studies support each response with theories and/or concepts found in the DuBrin coursebook or from another leadership researcher.Check to ensure that you have:Analyzed the questions using the facts of the case and the concepts introduced by DuBrin and/or additional readings and videos.A clear explanation of your reasoning thorough enough to answer the theories and/or concepts being presented in the chapters being studied.Make certain you properly label the case and number your analysis of each question–do not respond to all questions as one analysis.Please number each of your analysis responses. (Remember to apply DuBrin to support your analysis.)Submit this assignment in a Word document.Grades reflect my judgment about:the quality of analysis,the application of theory to facts,and the quality of the writing.