Chose the option A, B or C

1.        Option A) Develop a thesis around a comparison of two characters from GGRW. You should establish aspects upon which you can compare and contrast the two characters. These may form topics for your body paragraphs. Option B) Identify how the motif of water reflects a central theme in the novel. You may choose different iterations of water in the story and use these as topics within your essay.Option C) Examine how the History of North America is presented in the novel. This may include a discussion of the reference to historical and contemporary events in the novel, the intersection of the mythical and realistic plotlines. or any other aspect which presents a historiographical perspective.2.       You do not need to refer to outside sources, although you may if you wish.3.       The essay must have an original title which reflects its content.4.       The final essay is approximately 1000 words long.