communications multiple choice

28.When Wilna nods her head up and down rather than saying “Yes,” she is using a nonverbalbehavior known as a(n)a.facilitator.b.interlocutor.c.emblem.d.nonverbalator.e.encoder.____29.Which of the following is not an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy?a.A child fails a test after hearing her teacher tell her mother that she never doeswell on tests.b.A student who previously complained of stage fright loses his place during a classspeech and can’t go on.c.A husband reluctantly agrees, with reservations, to his wife’s request that theyspend the holiday visiting Disneyland. He has a terrible time.d.Both b and c above qualify as examples of self-fulfilling prophecies.e.All of the above qualify as examples of self-fulfilling prophecies.____30.Which of the following is true of debilitative feelings?a.They often last a long time.b.They keep you from functioning effectively.c.They are intense.d.They are a product of your beliefs.e.All of the above are true of debilitative feelings.____31.What’s missing from this perception check? “Julian, I figure you’re either upsetwith me or worriedabout your test. Is it something like that?”a.It doesn’t describe Julian’s behavior.b.It has only one interpretation.c.It doesn’t request clarification.d.It is too wordy.e.Nothing is missing from this perception check.____32.Linda looked annoyed when she walked into the classroom and saw Rema sitting in the chair Lindausually sits in. The nonverbal communication Linda is demonstrating isa.kinesics.b.personal space.c.territoriality.d.chronemics.e.regulation.6____33.“My roommate ought to be more understanding.” This quote is an example of the fallacy ofa.shoulds.b.causation.c.approval.d.perfection.e.helplessness.____34.When Rajan got caught speeding, Latrese said he should have been more careful; later whenLatrese got caught speeding, she denied she was driving too fast. This is an example of whattendency in perception?a.We are influenced by the obvious.b.The self-serving bias.c.We pay attention to others’ negative characteristics.d.The halo effect.e.We assume others are similar to us.____35.The term that refers to men and women possessing a mixture of traits that have previously beenconsidered exclusively masculine or feminine isa.chauvinistic.b.adaptable.c.rhetorically sensitive.d.androgynous.e.analogous.____36.Which of the following does the text offer as a guideline for expressing emotions?a.The sooner a feeling is shared, the better.b.Try to avoid sharing negative feelings whenever possible.c.Share multiple feelings when appropriate.d.Let others know that they have caused you to feel a certain way.e.Try to avoid getting too emotional.____37.“I feel like quitting school” is an example ofa.a feeling emotionally counterfeit emotional intention.d.a contextual emotion.e.a self-fulfilling prophecy.____38.People who have low self-esteema.are likely to approve of others.b.perform well when being harder for critical people.d.expect to be rejected by others.e.had traumatic childhoods.____39.Someone who is a “significant other” isa.“socially” conscious.b.a person whose opinion we especially value.c.always a supportive person.d.a person with significant goals.7____40.An example of a presenting self isa.Mahogany is very attentive in class and asks questions about the material to herprofessor.b.Mahogany regularly calls her friends, remembers birthdays, and listens to friends’problems.c.Mahogany is never late for work, volunteers for work committees, and turns inwork on time.d.all of the above.e.none of the above.____41.Meghan wants to make a sale. According to the nonverbal information presented in Chapter 6, toget compliance from a customer Meghan might trya.speaking in a rate much faster than her customer’s.b.lightly touching her customer.c.avoiding direct eye contact with her customer.d.keeping her facial expression as neutral as possible.e.None of these are advisable to gain compliance.____42.Edward T. Hall defines personal distance asa.0 to 18 inches.b.18 inches to 4 feet.c.4 feet to 12 feet.d.12 feet to 25 feet.e.25 feet and beyond.____43.How is emotional intelligence defined in the text?a.the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions and be sensitive toothers’ feelingsb.the ability to share multiple feelingsc.the ability to accept responsibility for our feelingsd.the ability to change negative self-talk to positivee.a measure that indicates you have a large emotional vocabulary____44.All of the following are true about touch except which one?a.Touch can have a significant influence on health and well-being.b.Touch can signal a variety of relationships.c.Touch can be a way to communicate both negative and positive feelings.d.Touch can increase compliance.e.Touch in any of its forms can have positive effects.____45.Studies of nonverbal communication across cultures reveal thata.smiles and laughter are a universal signal of positive emotions.b.sour expressions convey displeasure in some cultures and pleasure in others.c.a direct gaze is considered appropriate in most cultures.d.classes usually start and end on time in most cultures.e.all of the above are true.8____46.Which of the following is a better way of expressing emotion in the statement: “You’re making menervous”?a.Say “I feel nervous when you drive over the speed limit.”b.Say “Your fast driving is not making me feel very safe.”c.Say “I feel like taking the keys.”d.All of the above could improve the statement.e.No improvement is needed.____47.According to your textand class discussion, telling ourselves we “can’t” change our self-conceptcoulda.let others share control in the us accept our limitations.c.create a self-fulfilling equality through our humanity.____48.The many ways the voice communicates—including tone, speed, pitch, number and length ofpauses, volume, etc.—are calleda.paralanguage.b.vocalics.c.noncommunicators.d.nonvocals.e.proxemics.____49.The process of deliberately revealing information about oneself that is significant and would notnormally be known by others penetration.b.equivocation.c.self-disclosure.d.intimacy.e.reciprocity.____50.Yuriy is in a great mood when he calls Nicole. However, she is in a funk from a stressful day atwork. After a brief chat, Yuriy hangs up the phone feeling discouraged. This is an example ofa.emotional recognition.b.emotional memory.c.emotional contagion.d.emotional detachment.e.none of the above.