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Readings for Week 3Criteria for Reflective Commentaries on ReadingsFor Weeks 3 and Beyond.Please read all readings assigned.  As you read and reflect, choose ONE (1) reading on which to write a reflective commentary and post to Fourm.The course concepts are evident in all of the readings–you just have to look carefully and with an open mind.  Consider the following in making your readingchoice:Can I strongly relate to this reading?Can I find evidence of all 5 course concepts in this reading?Can I identify those concepts and discuss their application rather completely?Grading criteria will change and the point value of your commentary will increase to 60.  So this means that the expectation is that your analysis of the presence and examples of the 5 concepts is competently discussed in your commentary.  Your commentary needs to be well developed and complete.  Be sure to check the grading criteria connected to this reading in Forum. Save your commentary to disk and then deposit it in DropBox under Readings for Week 3.  Be sure to give the name of the reading your are using.Thanks.  Dr. S