Creative Practice Paper

Description: This is a 4 page paper about either a creative genius of your choosing (Thomas Edison? Einstein? Michelangelo? Beyonce? Lucille Ball?) or a creative business (DuPont, Corning, IDEO? Pixar?). You can either read a full biography or research the person or organization using several sources. The paper should include: Description and background of the person/organization, 2) why you chose him/her/it, 3) what this person/org achieved (briefly), 4) how he/she/it fuels their creativity (his or her own, or if a company, its workforce) and 5) include a self reflection.  Knowing what they do, what are some things YOU DO to fuel your creativity? What else could you do going forward? . #4 and #5 are  most important. At the end of the paper, summarize by listing at least ten to fifteen things that this individual did to fuel his/her/its creativity.  Here are some examples:Da Vinci kept journals and notebooks.  He dissected eyes and other body parts. He learned many mediums – painting sculpting, etc.Ian Flemming (author), designed golf courses in his spare time.Steven Hillenburg, the creator of Spongebob, had been a marine biology professor who had a keen interest in art and began drawing visual images for his student which he then began animating. He continuously worked on acquiring new skills. He watched old movies.Beyonce learned dressmaking from her mom, who designed all of her early costumes. Her mom had sewn clothing for priests and nuns in exchange for Beyonce’s tuition.Etsy has employee-led workshops where associates teach others their hobbies, and they regularly engage their shop owners in planningThe important thing about this project is that you learn and be able to share not just what they achieved, but what they did to nurture their creativity.  You must include sources.