critical thinking presentation

You are the Corporate Director for Universal Medical Supplies, Inc. You have been asked to present at an upcoming business leadership conference. The presentation will cover Critical Thinking for Challenges in Communication in the Workplace, related to specific topics. The intended audience is business leaders in many different industries.Instructions Choose an element of or an issue related to one of the following specific workplace challenges: Conflict Resolution, Diversity Awareness, or Gender Issues. Create a slideshow presentation that includes concepts of critical thinking related to your chosen topic and include industry examples. Audio narration/voiceover must be incorporated that fully explains your ideas.Your presentation should include:An introductory slide.Minimum of 2 slides on critical thinking skills in reading, listening, and writing, related to your chosen topic.Minimum of 2 slides on valid and invalid arguments, including cogent reasoning, related to your chosen topic.Minimum of 2 slides on inductive and deductive reasoning, related to your chosen topic.Minimum of 1 slide on inference in communication, related to your chosen topic.A conclusion slide to summarize ideas presented.Reference slide with all resources listed.