Discussion Board Week 4-5

We spent a handful of weeks centering both the concept of intersectionality as well as exploring different pathways of Black Feminist Theory and what they can offer us as activist, academics, and individuals. Respond to the following prompts referencing the texts we’ve been working with so far:A. In “Learning from the Outsider Within”, Patricia Hill Collins offers us three key themes in Black Feminist Thought. In your own words, describe each theme and offer some explanation for each – specifically, how you understand the theme. Feel free to use examples to support your explanation.B. Both Patricia Hill Collins and Kimberle Crenshaw emphasize the importance of approaching sociology and the legal field from an intersectional framework. How would you explain intersectionality to someone who has not heard the term before? How do you see intersectionality emerge (or not) in social justice movements and causes you are interested in/engaged with/experiencing?C. Why do you think it is important to center Black Feminist thought and Black women’s voices as critical components to our fight for gender equity, sexual freedom, and overall liberation?