Discussion Board Week 7

We spent two classes reading the manifesto of “Feminism for the 99%” and exploring the different themes, theses and frameworks it brought up.Referring to the text itself, your notes, and the powerpoint I uploaded to Blackboard, choose two of the theses and answer the following for each:A. What does the thesis actually mean? (In your own words.)B. Provide an example for how this thesis might emerge in the real world. You may expand upon an example given in the text or create your own. (For example, if I focus on Thesis 5 – Gender oppression in capitalist societies is rooted in the subordination of social reproduction to production for profit – I may bring up examples of watching immigrant women work as nannies for rich, white women in NYC during my own time as a nanny.)C. How can you imagine integrating core concepts or overarching ideas into your own activist or community work? How can the thesis help you relate to larger systems of inequity?D. What is one thing about the text – whether related to the specific theses you identified or not – that you wish you knew more about?