Drawing from your review of the many sites across the course and gathered wholly on the L&A page of Module 8, or from your personal knowledge, interest and experience, select a recent crisis event: disaster/mass casualty event (occurring within the last 5 years).  You are to take this disaster case and then prepare a research paper that analyzes the event from the four disciplines of emergency management: Mitigation; Preparedness; Response; and Recovery.In your analysis discuss the specific actions that were taken at each stage and assess whether or not they were effective. Include a discussion of how human behavior influences disaster vulnerability such as allowing development in flood prone areas, or living along the coast (and what can be done about this). Conclude your paper with a detailed discussion of the lessons learned for future crisis events.Your paper should be approximately 7 pages (at least 1,500 words) and must include key concepts from the textbook and at least five (5) outside scholarly sources.This assignment is due at the end of Module 8This is a final course comprehensive project.  Be sure to include citations for all references, including information about the incident.  Also, use scholarly material for your alternative theory, (Wikipedia is not permitted as a source), and any support for your discussion.  Your textbook from the class should be your starting point, but your primary sources of information should be scholarly in nature.