ENG 2322 MOD 3 DB Bell

Discussion Board Post #3 and RepliesDiscussion Board Posts and Replies – Peer Review: With each essay (and the while drafting interview questions for Project #3), you will be asked to submit your first draft in a BlackBoard post. After submitting your assignment, you will be asked to post replies to two of your classmates’ essays, answering the peer review questions with thoughtful comments.This discussion will be completed in two parts and will give you an opportunity to reflect upon this week’s content and to interact with your classmates.Part 1 – Post your initial response to the discussion questions by Wednesday at 11:59 pmPart 2 – Post substantive feedback to two (2) classmates by Saturday at 11:59 pm*To view the grading rubric for this discussion, click the name of the discussion, then click “Grading Information”Part 1: Discussion Board Post #3 (10 pts.)(Related to Project #3):Please attach a document to your thread that includes two things for Project #3 – Students will research a discourse community in which they are unfamiliar, beginning with secondary research and including an interview:(1) A short description of your discourse community, whom you plan to interview (do not mention specific names, simply describe their role in the community), and your research question (the focus of your research).(2) Five potential interview questions you plan to ask. For a 30-minute interview, you should plan to ask roughly 5-6 questions, so after receiving feedback, you will decide which questions to modify or add/delete