English 1

Directions:  Read the following paragraph and answer the questions that follow.  Then, scroll down and complete Quiz 2. Be sure to fully respond to questions in your own words and in complete sentence form.  No attachments will be accepted.  Upload your assignment to Canvas.Assignment 1 – Analyzing a descriptive paragraph.Nameless, Tennessee, was a town of maybe ninety people if you pushed it, a dozen houses along the road, a couple of barns, same number of churches, a general merchandise store selling Fire Chief gasoline, and a community center with a lighted volleyball court.  Behind the center was an open-roof, rusting metal privy with PAINT ME on the door; in the hollow of a nearby oak lay a full pint of Jack Daniels Black Label. From the houses, the odor of coal smoke..      -William Least-Heat MoonQuestions1)  What dominant impression does William Least-Heat Moon communicate in this paragraph?2)  The author uses the senses to communicate his dominant impression.  List three details from this paragraph and the senses they draw on.3) List three details thatshow, rather thantell.4) How does Least- Heat Moon organize the details of this paragraph?