This leads me to the next assignment — Works Cited.  Please, out of your two thesis statements, choose the best one, the one that you like the most.Next scholars, you have to find THREE SOURCES that support your thesis statement. For example, if you talked about man vs. man conflict then you want to find THREE articles from BCCC database(s) that talk about or mentions man vs. man conflict in “My Last Duchess.”  Below, I will AGAIN, show you how your assignment should look, a lot of you are losing points because you simply will not follow my sample, you are losing 5 points for each error, and that goes along with not following the sample given.    I will also give you steps in locating three sources from the BCCC database, please follow these directions very carefully and you will be okay, but if you do not a lot of you will be emailing me : )   So, first I’m going to give you the steps to the BCCC database — here it goes:1.  Go to www.bccc.edu — Log onto Canvas2.  Make sure that you are logged onto Canvas3.  Click Library  which is located on the left side of your screen.4.  Once you click on Library , click on “Databases”5.  Scroll down until you find Literature Resource Center6. Type in the title of the story just like this:  my last duchess7.  Make sure once you type in the title this comes up:  “My Last Duchess” (poem)8.  Skim through the articles; find THREE articles that relate to your thesis statement.  NOW LISTEN — YOU WILL NOT FIND FULL ARTICLES THAT RELATE TO YOUR THESIS STATEMENT.  BUT IF THERE IS A SENTENCE OR A PARAGRAPH(S) IN THE ARTICLES THAT RELATE TO YOUR THESIS STATEMENT, THEN USE THOSE ARTICLES.  YOU WILL NOT FIND FULL ARTICLES THAT WILL RELATE TO YOUR THESIS STATEMENT.9. Once you find an article (three) that you like, click on your first article of your choice.  Once you click on the title of the article, on your right side you will see the words Citation Tools.10. Click on Citation Tools and Copy and Paste the source correctly. Make sure that when you do your copy and paste whatever was originally in italics stays in italics.  Also make sure that your source looks exactly like the source you are copying and pasting with its indentation.Your sources should be indented just the way you see the sample, your sources should be alphabetical order by the authors’ last names, your sources should also be checked to see what is in italics should also be in italics, what needs to be in quotations should stay in quotations.All of your sources should be double-spaced.  You can only use Arial or Times New Roman 11 or 12 point font size.PLEASE REMEMBER — to look back at your sources, from the database, whatever is in italics must stay in italics, what is in quotation marks must stay in quotation marks or points will be deducted.  Thank you.  PLS THERE IS NO PLAGIARISM, ALSO  PLS  FOLLOW THE  INSTRUCTION.