English Film Essay

Essay 3 is a radical revision of Essay 1 or Essay 2. This means that it should seem like a whole different essay, not that you’ve just fixed some spelling or grammar issues. You should be adding or changing at least 1000 words. Moreover, revision isn’t a process of changing the “bad” bits; it’s a process of willingly challenging yourself by transforming anything or everything you’ve written, even the parts you thought were super smart or polished.There are many ways you could go about this process. But there are three things your essay must do:1. Provide a thesis-driven, fully supported argument. (This involves the proper description of shots/scenes from the film(s) under examination, as well as—if you’re using “The Uncanny” or another verbal text—the appropriate quoting and contextualizing of any secondary source.)2. Develop a conclusion that productively destabilizes the rest of the essay.3. Take my comments on your first two essays into strong consideration.All other bets are off. That is to say, you can write about Ex Machina without referring to “The Uncanny”; write about I’m Not There without using first-person; write an essay about Ex Machina that incorporates a first-person narrative; write an essay that compares 3 Women to Ex Machina; write an essay that considers all three films we’ve discussed; or take any other approach you’d like to take to your revision.Please subtitle your essay, “Revision of Essay 1” or “Revision of Essay 2.” Here’s what I mean by that: come up with an informative and/or creative title; place a colon at the end of that title; and then write “Revision of Essay 1” or “Revision of Essay 2.” This will help me to understand the foundation from which you’re working. Also, even though you are allowed to combine the assignments for Essay 1 and Essay 2 in various ways for your revision, you cannot simply copy and paste 1000 words from one essay into another and have that count as your addition/transformation of at least 1000 words. You’re welcome to combine the two essays, but that combination doesn’t count towards your 1000 words of revision.Even though you may be tempted to take this essay less seriously (because it’s “just a revision”), I urge you to put as much work into this revision as you would any other essay. To that end, I’ll replace the grade you received on Essay 1 or Essay 2 with the grade you receive on Essay 3. I will do this even if Essay 3 receives a lower grade than a previous essay.You must turn in the essay here by 4:20 pm on October 26. Do not copy and paste your essay; instead, attach it as a Word file by clicking “Browse My Computer.”I will grade this essay according to the following rubric:Radical revision of Essay 1 or Essay 2, with at least 1000 words added or transformed40 pointsProper description of shots/scenes from the film(s) under examination, using language from the “Cinematic Techniques” worksheet and explaining how these cinematic techniques relate to your argument (as well as appropriate quoting and contextualizing of any secondary source)20 pointsClear thesis18 pointsExamples that clearly relate back to thesis17 pointsWhole essay at least 1500 words in length2 pointsProper In-Text Citations2 pointsWorks Cited1 pointPlease read the attached documents.