English – Quotes

Hello,Attached is a sample of what the assignment should look like, the rubric and the readings from by author’s that the quotes will come from.Directions are listed below:Purpose: To demonstrate your ability to effectively integrate quoted material into your own writing.Carefully select five (5) relevant, useful quotes from each of readings for this week: Anne-Marie Slaughter’s “Why Women Can’t Have It All” and Richard Dorment’s “Why Men Can’t Have It All.” You will have 10 passages total.**NOTE: To determine what are “relevant, useful quotes,” considering the quotes you would use from each text if you were writing an argument about gender roles in our society. The quotes you choose should be excellent, insightful representations of each author’s main argument.Open a Word document (Google Docs works, too), and for each quote, create a well-constructed “quote sandwich” to demonstrate how you would integrate the quoted material into a paragraph of a hypothetical paper. Refer to the source from St. Louis Community College for guidance.Decide how to best structure the paper so that the original quote is clearly separated from your “quote sandwich.” Please see the attached document for examples.Thanks