English1102 Movie Essay

Second Essay AssignmentEnglish 1102,**THE MOVIE YOU ARE REFERRING TO FOR GUIDANCE IN THE ESSAY IS WINDTALKERS**(Please watch and understand the movie in its entirety before beginning the essay)Please choose one or more than one of the topics below to write your essay:1. Can you explain how the author, Sherman Alexie explores a number of broad themes—love, betrayal, and friendship, for example—all in the context of the loss of native traditions, roles, and values(storytelling, warriors, strong family, and tribal bonds)?2.  Why can’t Victor be friends with Thomas when they get back to the reservation? Why can he be friends with Thomas when they are travelling to Phoenix? Explain.3. What did you learn from the movie Windtalkers in terms of racial discrimination and racial prejudice during the war time even though the American Indians did make great contributions to this country ?Note:Your final draft (750 words with works cited page and cover page)