Essay English 101 (The Research project Outline and Final Essay)

First, Please write a The Research Outline, and after writing an Essay Final with Thesis ” Abortion can occur naturally or through induction. Induced abortion has resulted in considerable debates regarding ethics, morals, religion and legal matters, and the value of systems.  The debate mainly focuses on the fetus right to life, women’s rights,s, and government authorities. The fetus’s right to life derives from the conclusion that abortion is morally similar to murder. Contrary to this is the issue regarding women who have reproductive rights and they should be given the chance to decide whether to keep a pregnancy or not.”Please see the Files sample attach below.The Research Outline is a formal outline, so that means that it is to be in outline formatting, but you are required to use complete sentences. You will take all the information that you researched from the Finding Articles module and use it in the body paragraphs. Also, you will use just the works cited entries from your annotated bibliography for the works cited page. (Do not include the evaluation paragraph from the Annotated Bibliography).It is important that the outline be in MLA format and include the following sections:Introduction (including thesis, exordium, and exposition)At least three body paragraphs (including assertions, quotations/support, and commentary)Refutation/Counterargument (includes the opposition argument and then an evaluation of the argument)Conclusion (recaps the most important points and leaves the reader with a final peroration)Works Cited page (including 3-5 works cited entries)