Essay Prompt Proposal Guidelines

PART I: PROPOSALIn a short paragraph, discuss your prompt choice and how you plan to address it in your research paper. What are you arguing, and what are your main points? What sources have you found already to support your argument?PART II: ROUGH BRAINSTORM OF IDEASFill out this brief outline according to the topic your chose to write about. You might not be able to fill it out entirely. That’s ok. Your brainstorming will change the more you read and the more you research.Thesis: F451 and American culture (AC) are similar in terms of the way they _____ and _____.Point 1F451 examples of point 1:AC examples of point 1:Point 2F451 examples of point 2:AC examples of point 2:IN ORDER TO DO THIS PROMPT, PLEASE SEE THE ESSAY DIRECTIONS BELOW:DIRECTIONS:This essay focusing on the text Fahrenheit 451 (F451) (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED)requires that you assemble and respond to your own prompt and conduct independent research for your argument. The following “Possible Prompt Topics” listed below are suggestions for your fourth essay, offering mere focal points for possible prompts. This is a literary analysis that is designed to connect fiction with components of modern American society.POSSIBLE PROMPT TOPICS:[Remember that all topics are connecting the novelwithcurrent, mainstream American culture]The nature of a complacent society in F451 and American culture.Effects of a dystopian society on The Individual and how it effects are identified in American culture GOOGLEto learn about dystopian societies).Definition of “happiness” in F451 and American cultureTwo characteristics of a dystopian society that are present F451 and are detectable in modern American culture. Compare and contrast the “cultural mottos” of F451 society and in modern American culture.What traits are necessary for an individual to be an agent of social change? (Choose two characters and their qualities and how these specific qualities manifest in modern American culture through people or a social movement).WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS?:LengthWrite 1500 words minimum,single-spaced. This looks like 2.5 full pages, single-spaced (falling under the word count will receive an F with no opportunity for revision).Organization & StructureInclude a clear analytical structure as indicated in the Essay 3 PPT linked in this Essay 3 Directions page.The thesis should be a clear assertion that takes a clear position. The thesis should focus on F451 and reference modern American culture throughout, or it should focus on modern American culture while referencing F451. The connection between modern American culture and F451 should be clear, natural, and unforced.Includespecific examplesandtextual supportfrom F451 to support your main points. References and examples of American culture must be current and relevant (i.e. the last 10 years), rather than historical. Sources and their discussions alone are not adequate as specific examples. You must generate your own examples from American culture.Include a thorough analysis of the implications and significance of all of your findings.Do not cite more than a line of text or use block quotes from the novel. The text is mere evidence, but the analysis should be carried by your words.Sources – Include exactly 3 SourcesIncorporate only one source (not the book) from our course readings (Beyond Feelings or Norton Anthology), used only when necessary to support your points,ORfrom an internet source, such as a .gov, .edu, or .org siteIncorporate two sources from peer-reviewed scholarly articles that are retrieved from the RCC library databases. For more information, see the Library Resources and Scholarly Sources pages under Pages in Canvas.Not following the source requirement will result in a ‘D-’ grade or lower. F451 does not count as a source but should be listed in the Works Cited page.Submitting the EssayCopy/Paste the entire Essay 4 Grading Rubric on the last page of your essay. Submit the essay as a Microsoft Word Document, single-spaced. Microsoft Word is free when you access your student email. This is explained in the Essay 4 PPT.Avoid personal pronouns and examplesThis means that you will completely avoid personal language like “I, we, you, my”.  Visit theAcademic Languagepage for more clarity.Use MLA Format and Include a Works Cited pageAcademic essays should look a specific way. The text is 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, with no spaces or gaps anywhere. Include a Works Cited page.  The play does not count as a source, but it should be cited in the Works Cited page. For citation and quotation help, refer to the Essay Resources page to help you complete this correctly, specifically the MLA PPT. Remember that MLA format requires double-spacing, but in this specific course, essays must be submitted single-spaced.Review the Academic Honesty & Plagiarism page.Any plagiarism detected in this paper will earn zero points without the possibility for revision. If you need help regarding plagiarism issues, reach out to your instructor or an on-duty instructor in the WRC.