Feminism and Ethics

Consider the issue of gender in terms of ethics and morality. (In order to keep this simple, let’s consider gender to refer to biological males and females, even though many people might claim that is too exclusionary.Do you think that males and females view ethical issues differently? Or is gender irrelevant? Think of any ethical issue or ethical dilemma. It can be one that we’ve already explored here. Briefly, describe that ethical issue and discuss how a male and female might (or might not) view this issue differently. Try to be very concrete—you and your spouse….or you and your significant other….or you and your sibling….or you and your opposite gendered friend….or you and your opposite gendered work acquaintance. Is their reasoning different? Are the outcomes different? If you have trouble imagining this dialogue between people you actually know, you may use hypothetical examples.1. Important!!! Write this as a dialogue, using simply MALE and FEMALE.2. Your dialogue should take up most of your assignment. If it’s only a few lines, you will only get partial credit.3. The ethical dilemma should be part of the dialogue. For example:MALE: The legalization of marijuana is on the ballot in Ohio next month. Do you think that it should be legalized?FEMALE: No, I don’t think we should encourage drug use..(Please don’t use this particular issue for your assignment.